has quietly become one of the most respected and emulated companies in the fast food industry.  Specializing in poultry products for more than 34 years, Farm Basket has contributed much to the fast food industry.

Farm Basket was the first chicken company in the nation to provide drive-thru service (1973).  We were also the first to offer the turkey breast fillet sandwich; we call it our GREAT GOBBLER (1976).  Soon to follow was the CLUCKER SANDWICH (1979), which is our fillet of chicken breast sandwich; nothing but 100% natural white meat in this one.

In 1980, we introduced  to the rest of the world our skinless chicken and we call it  "SKINNY CHICKEN."  This recipe has approximately one-third less calories and cholesterol than many competitors' regular fried chicken.

Farm Basket's commitment to quality and service demonstrates why we have spanned 34 years of success in the chicken business.

We don't do a lot of flashy advertising or use silly gimmicks.  Our fine quality, speedy service and commitment to total customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Farm Basket . . . the quiet foremost innovator in the fast food industry.



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